Here are a few snippets of feedback from participants, teachers, parents, audience members and critics -

Feedback on a scripted performance project -

"The benefits to the class are immeasurable. The pupils challenged themselves and succeeded beyond their expectations - what a confidence builder! Thank you for giving me this opportunity too. I can honestly say that it has been the more rewarding experience in my teaching career and I would recommend Inspire to any teacher."

- Primary 7 class teacher, Inspire project (Dundee Rep, 2014)


A newspaper feature about the impact of artists working in the classroom setting -

"It's like a light coming on, and it has also reawakened my passion for being a teacher ... I'm a lone drama teacher. In school you feel restricted by following certain criteria, and over the years start to lose confidence. This experience has reassured me that you can stray off the path and be creative."

- Secondary Drama Teacher on NTS' The Crucible (The Herald: Society, 04.04.06)


Feedback from parents whose children participated in my pilot Youth Theatre project for young people on the autistic spectrum (Horsecross Arts, 2012) -

"It increased confidence, he is more comfortable around other kids on the spectrum, and he would more than likely let us leave him there now but wouldn't before."

"He is more comfortable working in groups and made some great friendships which, for a child with autism, is a massive achievement."

"He worked with older kids and he enjoyed mixing with some new people. He always left happy and he downloaded every activity experienced on the way home. He made a brand new friend too."

"He absolutely loved the sessions, it was an opportunity to completely let go."

"He initiated a conversation with a crowd (two people is a crowd to him) at school, he took the lead in decision making on numerous occasions and even coped on the busy Royal Mile in Edinburgh during the Festival! This is all as a result of the drama course."


Audience feedback on a P1 - 2 Youth Theatre performance about going on an epic adventure (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2010) -

"Beautiful storytelling. Well done!"

"A fantastic performance. What energy!"

"Outstanding! I loved the show, the dancing and the scary dragon. Well done all!!"

"You make me happy!"


Feedback from primary pupils after devising performances through Dundee Rep's Explore project as part of their classroom topic-based learning (2013) -

"I learnt to believe in myself." 

"I'm now capable of speaking in front of others." 

"I learnt that you can always improve on things."

"I realised everyone was learning something new." 


A 16-year old Creative Learning participant as part of our two-day Enterprise project (Dundee Rep, 2012) -

"I smiled at everything fun. My cheeks were sore after yesterday!"


Participant feedback on a holiday Youth Theatre project (East Dunbartonshire Council, 2010) -

"I loved it and I would love to come back." (age 15)

"It wasn't what I expected ... it was better!" (age 14)


Participant feedback on a Youth Theatre project (Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, 2008) -

"I loved meeting new people. At the start I knew no-one, now I have so many new friends! I loved the chance to improvise on little stimulus! We really got to explore a lot."

"I always looked forward to going each week."

"Can you please do this again?!"


Feedback from a P6 - 7 pupil as part of an intensive week-long Health and Wellbeing project with NHS Forth Valley -

"I'd just like to say that 'Max in the Middle' was the most fun I have ever had in my life. Thank you!!!!"

Feedback on a day-long workshop about generating material as part of the devising process -

"I have found today's workshop inspirational and motivational for the children and I've seen a lot of learning taking place. The whole class are very excited about taking part in the Fife Schools Drama Festival now and are bubbling with ideas. I also feel that I've picked up quite a few tips and tricks to use in the future and am more equipped to lead the pupils on in preparing their performances. What a wonderful day - very worthwhile."

- Primary 7 class teacher (Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, April 2010)


Feedback from participants on my Interactive Storytelling Training sessions for nursery workers, primary teachers, support workers and artists within both mainstream and ASN education (Giant, 2007) -

"Heather's examples from her practice were excellent."

"The best parts were group activities and sharing ideas. It's amazing how many ideas sprung out which I could adapt to my own working situation."

"'The leader was friendly and inspirational."

"There were loads of resources, it made everyone think. Ideas were bounced off and expanded."


Feedback from some members of my Community Cast who appeared in the NTS/TAG Theatre co-production of The Crucible (2006) -

"They were the most enjoyable and inspiring rehearsals I have ever had! I think all us amateurs 'raised our game'."

"What were the highlights of this project for me? There are probably too many to list but one is certainly the comradeship of my peers. I decided we were the most fortunate cast of the whole tour because we were first when it was still very fresh and new."

"The actual shows were the highlights for me ... after I conquered my fears, I never wanted it to end."

"Being part of this project made me feel liberated, excited, emotional, nervous, overwhelmed; exhilarated."

"I will always have a great fondness and a feeling of being really lucky and extremely glad I was involved ... the support, guidance, advice and comments offered - even the smallest - have stayed with me and have given me a confidence to pursue my goals."


A participant in a SPARK devised performance project with primary school pupils (Dundee Rep, 2009/10) -

When asked what they had been learning about, one of the quietest P4 girls I worked with bravely shouted out to a packed theatre: "We've been learning not to be shy!"