Projects from 2004 - 2011

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly RSAMD) runs a busy, year-round in-house programme of drama, dance, music and film classes for children and young people. The courses are based on a set curriculum to ensure that a wide range of skills are covered and to provide opportunities to develop technique and expertise. Throughout the year, students have the chance to share and perform work created both for invited and public audiences.

RCS also does a lot of outreach work in schools and communities. One example of this is the GOALS Project (Greater Opportunity of Access and Learning with Schools), which was a scheme which aimed to widen access to Higher Education at University or College by encouraging pupils to be ambitious about their futures, viewing Higher Education as a realistic and exciting prospect. A number of educational institutions in Western Scotland ran programmes as part of this scheme between 2000 and 2008. Out of this grew the FOCUS West Project (Focus on College and University Studies in the West of Scotland), which built on the lessons learned from GOALS and with a specific remit to work with pupils from S3 - 6 in 29 secondary schools in the West of Scotland.

For Primary and Secondary pupils

Between January 2009 and June 2011, I designed and delivered weekend Youth Theatre workshops for both Primary and Secondary aged pupils. I also directed two short performances by the young people:

The 28 (S4 - 6)

This was a political piece exploring the concepts of government, revolution and loss:

If you had to say goodbye, how would you say it?
Would it be face-to-face, over the phone, or by letter?
Would you make it short and sweet, or have a long drawn out conversation full of pain and regret?
Would you confess all your sins, or would you hold back? 
Would there be tears, angry words and broken hearts?
Would you tell them the real reason why it has to be this way?
If you had to give up everything you had ever known, would there be any words that would make it easier?
This might be forever, there may be no going back, so be sure.

The Sadness of King Joe (P1 - 2)

This was a play about epic adventures involving utopias, knights, dragons, lurgies and mighty battles: 

Oceanopia used to be the perfect place to live. It was a place where everyone was always happy and life was just as it should be. But when Queen Florice was captured by the mightiest Dragon of the land, everything changed. King Joe caught ‘the sadness’ - it’s like a lurgy that spreads - and before long everyone in Oceanopia had caught it too. The only cure for ‘the sadness’ is to defeat the Dragon and save their beloved Queen, but with a dragon so mighty and a people so sad, are they up to the challenge?

In Autumn 2010, I worked with a Primary 3/4 composite group exploring ideas around being new, friendship, and cooperative working, after which I was employed as a Cover Tutor, allowing me to work with a range of classes on an ad hoc basis.

For S1 pupils

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Interactive Drama Workshop, Envision Your Future, was designed to challenge pupils at S1 year level to consider their personal potential, their future education and career paths, and how best to go about achieving these ambitions. Through the workshop the pupils followed the fictional life of a character called Charlie and thought about this in relation to their own lives. By actively engaging with 'Charlie' the pupils learnt how they could tackle the challenges they might personally face as they approached a critical stage in their educational and social development, informing decision-making about their continuing education, training and employment. By the end of the workshop pupils had an improved understanding of the opportunities available to them and also a greater sense of how they could shape their own future.

I was part of the team who first developed this workshop in January 2004. When the GOALS Project ended in 2008, the RCS sought to continue developing and delivering the Envision Your Future workshop, and so it became part of the FOCUS West programme for Schools for a short while, concluding in June 2010.